Shri Mahavir Group: Wheat flour Manufacturers in India

Whole Wheat flour commonly known as Chakki fresh Atta in India, is made whole wheat with all 3 parts of the wheat grain intact i.e. Bran, germ and endosperm.

At Shri Mahavir Group with it’s 30 years of expertise in the wheat flour milling industry in India we source the best of wheat grains commonly found in the Malwa region of MP state in India, we market our product under the brand name “Swaraaj” where we use the premium variety of wheat known as Sharbati that makes extra soft rotis or whole wheat bread. We manufacture different varieties of wheat and wheat flour like:

1.) Whole Wheat flour – Chakki Atta

Swaraaj Chakki fresh Atta (100% Whole Wheat Flour) made from Sharbati grains is premium in quality and makes the knitting of dough very smooth and extra soft and nutritious Chapatis that are a very good source of dietary fiber and carbs derived from goodness of Whole Wheat.Whole Wheat flour (Chakki atta) is commonly used for making Chapatis, Whole Wheat Bread (brown bread) etc.

2.) All Purpose Flour – Maida

All purpose wheat flour (Maida) which has the outer layer called bran removed from the wheat kernel is finer in coarse and used for making white bread, biscuits, cookies etc.

3.) Durum Flour – Suji

Manufacturers of wheat flour in India located in Madhya Pradesh also produce a special variety of hard wheat known as Durum that is used for making Semolina or Suji consumed as breakfast in India and for making other extruded products like Pasta, Macaroni etc.

Distribution & Export:

At Shri Mahavir Group, we make wheat flour of export quality and customize the specifications of the flour as per the requirement of the buyer. We have a huge network of suppliers and are among the prominent exporters and manufacturers of wheat flour and Chakki fresh atta in India. We also cater to the demands of local suppliers and distributors of wheat flour and Chakki Atta in India.

We are currently exporting wheat flour& semolina to USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Sweden, Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia. We have a large distribution of wheat flour in India and export the highest quality of wheat flour free from pesticides and peroxide whiteners.

Packaging: All our products are available in small and bulk packaging.We also customize our packaging as per the requirement of the buyer

Small Packaging: Laminated BoPP bags: 1/5/10 Kgs
Bulk Packaging: PP Bags in 25/50 Kg and 1 MT

Shipments & Export Handling: For export of wheat flour and other products prone to wear and tear while in the transit we take extreme care of the following for optimum satisfaction of our clients:

  • Cargo Handling
  • OntimeConsigments
  • Racking and Placements
  • Quality as per Export Standards
  • Extra Covering for environmental protection

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